Getting Started: Grocery lists

Writing a grocery list is the first step in eating healthy.  A grocery list requires some level of planning.  It can help us save money and set the mood of what we will eat that week.  Having a list also supports our willpower at the grocery store.  Walking by the soda aisle becomes easier when you see that soda is not on your list.  You can also offer the list as a reason to your sugar-frantic child why you won’t be going home with Snickers this week.

Tips for Writing a list

  • Have about 3 meals in mind for the week.
  • Include a healthy proportion of vegetables, grains, and proteins on your list
  • Include a few items that will soothe a craving
  • Develop a list of “Always Items”
  • After you’re finished writing it down, look over and it and decide if there are things you don’t need. Continue reading