Summer Mushroom Foraging: Chanterelle Ingredient Profile

There are a lot of things to miss about the Pacific Northwest–the old growth forests and fairy-tale moss, misty foggy air that seems to carry the weight of native history, the mountains and clear lakes and streams, the majestic Puget Sound. But most of all, I miss the abundance of foraged food everywhere you turn. Whether in the forest or the city, you could get salmonberries by the Burke-Gilman trail or golden plums in the public parks or even better, mushrooms! During a year of plenty, we had oyster mushrooms, shaggy parasols, and lobster mushrooms. We’ve lived in the Southern Adirondack region now for over 6 months. We explored and hunted, but somehow missed morel season altogether. Then, alas! We recently stumbled upon some mushrooms! They’re not just any mushrooms–the most delicate, floral, treasures of the summer with the most beautiful name to match their essence: chanterelles!

First encounter with the beauties this year.

First encounter with the beauties this year.

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Pea Vine and Mushroom Risotto


Pea Vine and Mushroom Risotto

This spring risotto is a filling way to celebrate spring and garden freshness.  Jam-packed with nutrient-dense pea vines, mushrooms and onions, it will leave you satisfied and satiated. The creaminess of the risotto will have you fooled that dairy or coconut milk was added. But don’t be deceived. The secret ingredient is time. Continue reading

Home-made Pad Thai


Pad Thai at home

Fried noodles is a dish I’m constantly craving on days when all I want to do is warm up with some hot spices and grub!  Though it is difficult to master at home.  I hope my recipe gives you a good springboard from which try more creative, better versions yourself!  There are some basics to making a good stir-fried noodle dish, and not everyone makes it the same way.  This is what my family’s been doing for generations, but please let me know if you have any tips or better techniques!  The following recipe will give you 2 huge servings or 3 regular servings. Continue reading